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Webright services

Working on your own website can be fun

When your website is finished and handed over, you can make changes and updates yourself. You can work from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. You do not need any programs or special software. You can assign different people to be able to login to your site and make changes as needed.

Webright provides you training services for working on your own website.

What can I learn: (Basics)

  • Logging into, and understanding of, the system
  • Adding and changing content
  • Adding/changing graphics/pictures
  • SEO as you go - Optimization for search engines

What can I learn: (Advanced)

  • Updating you website software
  • Backing up your website
  • Adding new modules to your website
  • Adding components to your website

Webright can do it for you

Webright can do this extra work for you:

  • We can add and update your website content
  • Make backups of your website
  • Update your website software
  • add new modules, components and plugins
  • Search engine optimization

Contact us:

Contact us for more information, or take a few minutes to fill in our   Quote form. We will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting and discuss the best approach to developing your new website.


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