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HOW can Twitter help my business

What is Twitter webright-tweets

Twitter is a short message service, Twitter is free, Twitter is for everyone, Twitter is in real time, Twitter connects you and your customers, closer than you could imagine. With 400,000,000 tweets per day, Twitter is here to stay. But with 400,000,000 tweets a day how can Twitter help my business? Would my tweets just get lost in a jungle of tweets?

Webright tutorials - Twitter and my business

Hashtags #

Using hash-tags you can direct your tweets to different users. Lets say you have a small business in black and white or monochrome photography, or you are a street photographer. You can connect to other people with the same interest by tweeting something like this "My latest pictures, backstreet series #streetphotography #streetpics taken in #amsterdam"  This tweet is now connected to anyone viewing tweets in #streetphotography, #streetpics, and people reading tweets about Amsterdam. Be cautious not to over do it by adding too many hash tags, not everyone appreciates a message full of hash-tags, it can be seen as spam.

Your Business

When you setup your Twitter account it is a good idea to stay away from marketing talk. Try to keep your tweets down to earth. Be yourself and tweet relevant, simple and interesting messages. Try using  #key-words from your business in your Tweets, Using key words from your business in your hash-tag can hugely increase the amount of visitors to your site. Build up a customer network from your contacts, and let them know about breaking news, special promotions in your business and helpful tips. or recent website updates. You could also tweet your latest blog with a link to your post. Re-tweet positive or relevant messages, through feedback try to find the best time of day or night to send your tweets. Using just 140 characters you will soon find that the hash-tags in Twitter can connect you to a whole new world of customers.

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How can Twitter help my business


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