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Increase local business exposure

Google+ reviews

Did you know that nearly 80% of people read reviews before buying something online?. And over 72% of people will trust online reviews as much as if it was told to them by a friend.

If you wrote a small piece on your Google+ page, or linked an article from your blog / website to your Google+ page, you can increase your local business exposure dramatically.webright tutorial google-plus-icon

Let's say you sell cameras. If 5 people in your area need a new camera, and they search on Google for cameras. If one of these people finds you and decides to follow you on Google+, then next time this person is logged into his/her Google+ account, and search for cameras, there is a big chance that your business will be in the top hits of their search results.

Google+ now with Hastags #

In May of 2013 Google+ introduced the hashtag for us to use and search with in Google +. These hashtags can also be found in other Google products. In the US and Canada Google search now has Google search with hashtags. For instance, if you search for #photography in Google search, Google will show relevant Google + posts on the top right side of the window. Post from other social media mega companies such as Facebook or Twitter will be found lower down in the rankings. Using Google+, with hashtags can get your posts showing up at prime locations on Google.


Increase local business exposure using Google +

Claim your Google Maps location

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How can Twitter help my business


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