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Selfies, a method of taking a photo of yourself using a camera/smart phone. Taking selfies on smart phones has been around since about 2005. The sefie stick seems to be a new rage, but if you asked professional photographers, they will tell you that people have been taking pictures of themselves for years....

People like to take photographs of themselves, You see it in social media, on profile pages, and even on postings in Google search. Since smart phone companies introduced high quality built-in camera's, we are taking more selfies than ever before. Monopods or sometimes called unipod, are extentions that photographers use to keep the camera still while taking a shot. Monopods come in all sizes and lenghts. A few years ago on the Canadian version of Dragons Den, a guy introduced what he called the "QuickPod" which was a smaller extendible version of the monopod but for smart phones.

But since Ellen Degeneres posted a selfie on Twitter of a high profile celebrity group at the Oscars, the selfie rage seems to have taken a new turn. The tweeted photo had, within an hour more than 1.3 million views, This has started a selfie rage across Asia, and it is coming our way, along with the selfie stick. The new smart phone versions of the selfie stick are small, light and extendible. It has a smart phone holder and even in some cases a blue tooth connection for taking the shot. Cheaper versions can be used with the self timer. The advantage of a selfie stick is that you can get more in the shot than if it was just at arms lengh. You don't have to keep asking people to take your photograph, and you can position the stick to get shots that you just would not get without it.

Last week I was in New York photographing a conference and had a few days to walk around Central park where I spotted these girls using their selfie stick, I could not resits taking a photo of them.



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