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We all use Google and it seems that Google has always been here, but Google was born on 4th September 1998. The test/beta version of Google was developed in the computer science department of Stanford University by Larry Page, Sergey Brin...

Scott Hassan and Alan Sturemberg

I remember back in 1995 I tried to build my own version of such a website. I called it "search the search" and made pages of links in categories. I used it for myself and friends who used similar web links. It was a good idea but I lacked the technology and the skills, to build databases. Over the years Google has progressed and changed and became one of the most highly competitive companies the world has ever seen. Google's first website was hosted at the Stanford University with the URL http://google.stanford.edu/  Later they moved over to Google.com and employed a webmaster. Here is a screenshot of the first page on google.com back in 1997. Later on Google moved to www.google.com and they posted the text "Google has moved to www.google.com Please update your links." Looking back at the first logo it looks like they used WordArt to make the logo.


Try out these Google funnies

Over the years the Google team have brought a bit of humor into their work. The first Google server's casing was made from Lego with two funny Lego men standing on the top, keeping an eye on things. Over the years Google have had some hidden tricks or Easter eggs built into the system. Here I have a few Google funnies for your enjoyment. Please share them with your friends.

1.Google in 1998

If you got to Google.com and type in the search box "Google in 1998" it returns a result with a Google webpage from 1998.

The results on this web search are hosted on the WayBackMachine at http://web.archive.org. You can go through the links and see how these other page looked back in 1998, or choose another date to view some of your favorite websites Way Back Then.

2.Do a barrel roll

Try typing into Google "Do a barrel roll". The page will spin a full 360%. I didn't realize it at the time but looking at my screenshot below I can see myself in the search results.

3.Tilt or Askew

Typing in Tilt or Askew will tilt the search page.
4.Zerg rush

Typing in "zerg rush" will cause lots of O's to fall and destroy the page of results, and finishing with 2 capital G's

5.Atari Breakout

This one everyone likes. Type in Google images "Atari breakout" and the screen will change into a the arcade game, Atari Breakout. Which was originally based on the game Pong.

6.Google calculator

The Google calculator can be very useful, but it also has it's humor. Type into Google search "the loneliest number" all lowercase and it will bring up the calculator showing that the loneliest number = 1
the loneliest number

7.Once in a Blue Moon

Typing "once in a blue moon" will bring a result of 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz. Translated into layman's terms, this means that 1.16699016 × 10-8 per second is once in a blue moon, or a rare event.
1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz

8.The answer to life the universe and everything

And the last one for today. Type into Google "The answer to life the universe and everything" will show the calculator with the answer of 42.

(Images Source: WayBackMachine, Google search 1998, Google images)

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