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Bye bye 2013 and thank's for all the fish say Google for the new year. In 2013 Google made some big changes in how their search engines work. Google introduced their new algorithm called "Hummingbird", with an all round more intelligent search result...

We have also seen the introduction of Google's full encryption of all web searches. By the end of 2013, 60% of all website being viewed where on mobile devices, meaning mobile webpages will be taken more seriously.

In 2014
Nearly 60% of all web searches are being made on mobile devices and Google are taking this market seriously. Google want us to interact with their search engines, and with mobile devices making it easier for us to use speak out our search query, which is already being used on "Google Now", a Google search APP for mobile devices.

With the new Google glass, users need to interact more efficiently and speak their search query into their devices (conversational search), which hummingbird understands. Hummingbird, can understand the meaning of the your query as if you spoke it out, and also giving attention to all the words in your query, it understands normal sentences instead of just keywords in a string of text. Hummingbird takes other aspects into account when listening to your query such as your social contacts, you past search results, your location, events, and your intentions.

For webmasters and marketeers this means that keywords are not all you have to watch out for when optimizing websites. Keeping website content original and fresh is more important than ever before, and writing for people and not robots will be the way forward.

For 2014 Google say, "Make fans not followers". With these changes in place, sharing will become more important and building a reputation for yourself or your company profile. Google+ 1's will become more important for your search results within your circles and the Google+ community, as will testimonials, having ambassadors for your business, and spreading the word through ambassadors will all add to gaining new customers. Customer reviews and using images of real customers instead of shiny smiling marketing people shaking hands, just as blogging fresh content on a regular basis will all add to gaining fans and driving traffic to your website.

Google Now
Google Now is a sort of intelligent personal assistant, that was developed for smart phones.

Download the Google search App or take a look at Google Now http://www.google.com/landing/now/
Having a personal assistant that the more it knows the more useful it will become, can be very useful and a bit scary. I am really interested to see how it evolves in the future for users, their privacy, and how Google will evolve with all the data that they are accumulating over the years.


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